It‘s high time to change

Do not ask me why I use English,I just do not want to someone read my article,I just want to say goodbye to something.That’s all.

I liked play football when I in junior school.Because of football I made many friends.There were so many stories.That was the most memorable moments,we came across so many.and after graduation,everthing had changed.
Our minds parted.And three years high school life changed so many.I became worse,my speed what once made me proud Became commonplace.And I left many pains,miss many things and changed my life.Once self-confidence, I become inferiority.But eveything changed after I have chance to go to Zhejiang university.For this dream I begin to self-salvation.But at last I lose,only a little I lose at the last step.Nothing can make me happy except…..

Everyone thinks I am good,But I feel bad.Never had I stop walking towords to my goal.I make me looks very complacent, very strong,But I know I still far away from excellent.I just hide my inferiority,who can understand?

Just yesterday,a person who I trust most break my heart.It doesn’t understand me.

five years’ itch five years’ pain.

For a whole night,I think a lot.The memories lke a film make me awake.

It’s high time to change.What I was do in university are foolish.Only I konw what I want to do.I should stand loneliness,I should calm down to work,I should firmly believe I never walk alone.I lose many,but I did not lose my power,I am still strong,I still can create miracles.Now I must do something to forget the past,and persue my dream lightly.Just like what I do in junior school.

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