Never had I cause this situation!

yesterday,I was going to attend a student union meeting,and I should come to school before half past seventeen.My home is near school so I decide leave home seven o’clock.

The weather is so cold that I don’t want to go out.And it’s rainning heavily outside,but I know I must go.I cause many abominable situation,and when I was a high school student I always played football in the rain.So I do not afraid of the rain.

But when I was going,I find that there is no raincoat but one time raincoat.For the time is late I take on it and leave.

everything is perfect before I riding in the rain.I did not find the one time raincoat is a half raincoat,all of my leg is in the rain!

The low temperture and the cold rain made me creay!I could do nothing but riding quickly.I rather take an umbrella and walk to school.I want to take bath in the hot water,I know it’s nothing helpful,the only thing I can do is riding.

It’s ten minutes road between My home and school,But I feel the road is endless.I konw everything will be over so I strengthened  my belief.Go go go!

when I arrive school,I become a Drenched chicken and late for the meeting.Never had I cause this situation!

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