Grab is looking for Full-Stack Engineer

HR今天给了我几个几个Full-Stack Engineer的opening,有兴趣的可以联系我,给你们直接内推。内推其他岗位亦可



The project this person will work on is called “watch tower” This is apart of our Trust team.

Watch-tower is a web based internal tool that informs our customer service team why a passenger is blocked or banned from certain functionalities As the trust engineering team makes changes to the application in order to keep our platform safe, this website “watch tower” reports these changes to our customer service team, so when customers call in complaining about why the application isn’t working, they can provide answers quickly.

Impact: Trying to provide the best experience possible to customers and get their questions answered quickly when they have escalations. (Huge business impact)

  • 6+ years of experience needed
  • Front end built in React.js
  • 50-50 role front and back end work
[参与人数: 2 平均分: 5/5]